Where do you build in the United States?

Geographically, our target market is the northeastern United States.

What distinguishes Randall Millennium Homes from other builders?

Unlike many companies offering zero energy homes, Randall Millennium Homes offers homes that are designed to be truly ‘zero energy.’ In fact, Randall Millennium Homes have to ability to produce a surplus of electricity that can produce income from its sale back to the electrical utility. Click on the Why RMH? link to the left for more information.

Who buys Randall Millennium Homes?

Buyers of Randall Millennium Homes are typically forward-thinking people who are financially able to handle the acquisition and site development of a suitable[1] site with only limited guidance and participation by Randall Millennium Homes. All site improvements, except the actual house, must be by others; Randall Millennium Homes is not a land developer or site contractor. We will happily work with your local site engineer, or site contactors to assist in the planning process.


Home buyers must be financially prequalified, willing and able to make a substantial payment in advance and progress payments through completion, generally by certified check prior to installation of materials. No credit or financing assistance is offered to buyers at this point in time. Our links section contains links to organizations offering assistance with mortgages.

[1]Subject to approval by Randall Millennium Homes