Each model has a distinctive and attractive appearance.


Randall Millennium Homes are inspired by the writing of Barbara Harwood (The Healing House) in that they are human in scale, conceived for the serenity and comfort of the occupants. Each model is well within the range of ‘normal’ appearance, nothing radical looking in exterior aspect.


Interior floor plans are offered for planning purposes. Interior arrangement is not an essential element of Randall Millennium Homes. Interior partitions are not load-bearing, meaning their placement is completely up to the choice of the buyer. We will assist in customizing floor plan to your needs, while retaining the essential energy-related features of the building shell. Changes to interior layout are easy before, during, or after construction.


No customization is offered regarding the external structure, beyond color choices on all finishes and materials choices for interior finishes. Homes may be purchased as ‘shell homes’ with no interior finish or completely finished at buyer’s option, with colors and materials chosen from a generous menu.


Model 1: Sigma Σ


Timber Framed 28′ x 36′ (2,511 ft²) living space (expandable in 4′ increments with 286 ft² living area). Click on the images below to see larger images.